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Paine memorial gets boost with support from commission

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is delighted to announce that the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission has unanimously voted to support the proposal for a memorial to Thomas Paine in Washington, D.C. The vote on July 27 was a critical step to get the Department of the Interior and related agencies to support the bill.

While HR 6720, introduced by Rep. Jamie Raskin, to authorize construction of a memorial to Thomas Paine, must still pass Congress and clear other hurdles, the support from the advisory commission is a shot in the arm for the project.

During the hearing, Raskin gave a master class to the commission on why Paine is a figure of great historical significance to the United States and to the American people. FFRF Governmental Affairs Director Mark Dann, representing the Thomas Paine Memorial Association, thanked Chair Peter May and members of the advisory commission for scheduling the hearing.

Margaret Downey, president of the Thomas Paine Memorial Association, told the commission, “A Thomas Paine memorial highlighting his life and work may very well help heal divides in this country under the banner of true American liberty.”

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