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Sacramento chapter represents

FFRF’s Greater Sacramento Chapter participated in the California Freethought Day Festival, handing out or selling FFRF nontracts, stickers, shirts and Dan Barker’s books. Chapter President Judy Saint remarked, “We spoke with so many more people this year at our booth than in previous years. The public definitely counts on FFRF to act for all of us in this time of heavy religious infiltration into government.”

Judy reports that some visitors took her aside to tell their horror tales, and even slipped cash into her hand for the chapter as their sign of appreciation and encouragement.

Speakers and attendees at the festival included notable leaders such as Debbie Allen of Secular Coalition for America, Rebecca Friedman of Ask an Atheist radio show, U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney, who co-founded the Freethought Caucus, Rebecca Hensler, founder of Grief Beyond Belief, Evan Clark and Ryan Bell of Secular Student Alliance, and others.  This annual freethought event gives freethinkers throughout the state a venue for encouragement, insights, hope, leadership training, and entertainment of a secular nature, on the public tree-lined grounds of the California Capitol building. The Sacramento Chapter also participated in the annual Leadership Conference always held the day prior to the main event.

Thanks to Janet Thew and John Lucas, chapter board members, and Kathy Johnson and Marc Thew for their steadfast help!

FFRF’s Greater Sacramento Chapter President Judy Saint hands literature to a lifelong local activist during the annual California Freethought Day Festival.