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They Said What? (June/July 2021)

God came knocking on my door disguised as an angry mob.

Mark McCloskey, the lawyer facing felony charges for pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters, during the announcement of his Senate run to replace retiring Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt.

Washington Post, 5-19-21

Joe Biden’s National Day of Prayer Proclamation has been released and it doesn’t even mention God once! How do you release a proclamation about prayer and not mention God at all? Of course, it mentions climate change & racial justice. Truly, this is pathetic . . . and not surprising!

David Brody, Christian Broadcasting Network’s chief political correspondent.

Twitter, 5-5-21

When the restrictions were put on the church, it crossed the line from what we could do, which was buy groceries, and what we couldn’t do, which was worship as we want to worship. Praise God.

Texas state Sen. Donna Campbell, one of many Texas lawmakers who are trying to ensure closures of houses of worship by government officials don’t happen again.

Texas Tribune, 4-28-21

Our creator endowed us with the right to life and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion. In Texas, we work to save those lives.

Gov. Greg Abbott, signing a ban on abortion. 

The New York Times, 5-20-21