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They Said What? (Oct. 2021)

God does not want us wearing masks. . . . A mask is a symbol of fear. If you have a mask on, it means you actually don’t trust God. You don’t have faith.

DeAnna Lorraine, GOP activist who lost a California primary bid to unseat Rep. Nancy Pelosi in 2020, during a livestream broadcast., 7-17-21

The God hypothesis is constantly vindicated by the comprehensibility of the universe, and the capacity of our reason to unlock its many secrets. 

Columnist Ross Douthat, in his piece, “A guide to finding faith.”

The New York Times, 8-22-21

Now is the time for prayer! Mississippi’s official seal bears the words “In God We Trust.” This is the moment for us to put into practice what we say we believe, trusting in God to get us through these difficult days. As a fellow Mississippian, I’m asking you to join me in praying for one another and asking God to bring healing here in Mississippi and across America.

Andy Gipson, Mississippi’s agriculture and commerce commissioner.

Facebook, 8-25-21

When you believe in eternal life — when you believe that living on this Earth is but a blip on the screen, then you don’t have to be so scared of things.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, on why that people in his state were “less scared” of Covid-19.

Yahoo News, 8-29-21

A Christian has no responsibility to obey any government outside of the scope that has been designated by God.

Sam Jones, a pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Hudson, Iowa, in a letter to parishioners stating that he would offer “religious exemption” letters to those seeking to not be vaccinated. 

The New York Times, 9-11-21

We need better parenting . . . We need to restore God in our communities. If we do that, we will be able to reduce crime in this region.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, after signing into law a bill that makes it harder to get out of jail on bail., 9-13-21