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Billboard urges ‘social distancing between church and state’

This FFRF billboard has been placed in Denver, thanks to FFRF Member Monty C. Cleworth and FFRF’s Denver chapter.

A new Denver public message couldn’t be more timely: “Practice social distancing between church and state.”

The dictum on a backlit 10-foot-by-23-foot billboard situated on Broadway south of 10th Avenue is brought to city residents by FFRF, thanks to a local donor and FFRF’s Denver chapter.

“Practicing distancing is extremely important these days,” notes FFRF benefactor Monty C. Cleworth. “Not just distancing for COVID reasons, but also distancing between church and state. We wouldn’t want to transmit anything that is unhealthy and dangerous.”

Adds Claudette StPierre, Denver chapter president, “We social distance to prevent the spread of infectious agents like COVID-19. Distancing between state and church is just as important to prevent the spread of religious dogma and doctrine into our government.”

Among local state/church issues is the taxpayer bailout money received by Denver-area churches.

The Catholic Church received up to $3.4 billion of the pandemic relief Paycheck Protection Program, with reports that the Denver Archdiocese’s share was at least $1.9 million.