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State senator pushes poster fight

Much to the chagrin of Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert, FFRF has harmonized an Arkansas high school’s choral area with the Constitution.

Last fall, it was brought to FFRF’s attention that Searcy High School’s choral director had placed several Christian-themed posters on the walls of the high school chorus room. Most contained bible verses.

FFRF Robert G. Ingersoll Legal Fellow Colin E. McNamara sent a letter to Searcy School District Superintendent Diane Barrett, warning the district that it violated the U.S. Constitution by allowing a display of religious symbols or messages.

FFRF was then contacted by letter from Barrett that the Christian posters had been removed and that school staff had been informed on the unconstitutionality of religious displays.

But Rapert thought the school should have held its ground and taken FFRF to court, posting on Facebook that the district “should NOT have caved into the demands of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

Rapert was also unaware of the significant successes of FFRF lawsuits, stating, “Nothing fails like a Freedom From Religion lawsuit.”

Jason Rapert