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City ends Day of Prayer sponsorship

FFRF has persuaded the city of North Miami Beach, Fla., to cease its sponsorship of National Day of Prayer events.

FFRF’s Patrick O’Reiley Legal Fellow Christopher Line sent a letter to the mayor of North Miami Beach on June 26, illuminating the unconstitutionality of the city’s sponsorship of National Day of Prayer events. The city’s sponsorship included promotion of the event on the city’s official social media pages and website, which directed citizens to RSVP to the event through the city’s Division of Public Affairs.

In a July 31 letter, the North Miami Beach Mayor’s Office confirmed it would cease further city sponsorship of National Day of Prayer events: “The city’s intent was not to be divisive nor portray the belief that the city prefers religion over nonreligion, or Christianity over all other faiths,” the mayor’s office stated. “Nonetheless, the city is aware of the constitutional limitations regarding its involvement in organized religious activities and the separation of church and state. Therefore, the City of North Beach Miami will refrain from further organization and promotion of the National Day of Prayer events.”