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FFRF thanks 23 new Life Members

FFRF welcomes and thanks its 23 new Lifetime Members, one new After-Life member, one new Beyond After-Life member and four Immortals.

The new Beyond After-Life member is Randy B. Bachman and the After-Life Member is Harold “Hal” Saferstein. Beyond After-Life is a  tongue-in-cheek-named membership category of $10,000 for those who want their donation to “live on” after them. After-Life is a $5,000 membership category.  

The newest $1,000 Lifetime Members are Mark Benussi, William Blancato, Linda Blight, John Bouvier, David Burkhart, Jeanette Carter, Brian J. Freeman, Dr. Donald M. Hayes, Jose I. Hernandez, Thomas A. Kent, Valerie G. Lacey, Leo Luzcando, Cassidy Maxson-Jones (gifted by Gerald C. Cummings), Janet Nye, Alap Patel, Jack Sunday, Bert Van Gorder, Barbara Walden, Gary G. Welch, David Williamson, Jocelyn Williamson, George Bradley Wolbert and one who wishes to remain anonymous.

The four Immortals are Astrid Falkenberg, Dan Fregin, Donato Lindi and Rick Stravinsky. Immortal is a category where a member has made arrangements in their estate planning to include FFRF.

States represented are: California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin.