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FFRF thanks 24 new Lifers, 3 After-Lifers, 3 Immortals

FFRF thanks and welcomes our 24 new Lifetime Members, three After-Life Members and three Immortals.

The three new After-Lifers are Charles Bingham, Philip Lentz and Sherron Lentz. An After-Life Membership is a $5,000 membership level for those who want their donation to “live on” after them.

The latest $1,000 Lifetime Members are Jim Asa, William Atkinson, George P. (Buzz) Avery, Susannah Barbee, Chris Benedict, Andrew J. Croteau, Bobbie Cunha, Allen Dines, David Gonce (gift from After-Lifer David “Chris” Allen), Austin R. Green, Mary M. Grimaldi, Art Isbell, Marc-Andre Lachance (second Life Membership), Karen Nackard, Paul M. Nichols (gift from lifer Joanie Barker Nichols), Marsha Petry, Gordon Purser, John Salow, Paul D. Singleton, Michael Seaman, Mason Tikkanen, Teressa Tooth, Priscilla Wegars and David Werdegar.    

States represented are Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and two from Canada (British Columbia and Ontario).

FFRF has also received word that three members have become Immortals: Sherron Lentz, Stewart Charles Singletary and Scott Timm. The Immortals category is a donation designation for those members who have contacted FFRF to report they have made provisions for FFRF in their estate planning.

Special thanks to all!