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FFRF welcomes 13 new Lifers

FFRF welcomes and thanks its 13 new Lifetime Members and one new After-Life Member.

The newest After-Life Member is Virginia Massa. She was gifted the membership by Kenneth Fahrenholtz. (Thanks, Ken!) After-Life Membership is a tongue-in-cheek-named membership category of $5,000 for those who want their membership to “live on” after them.

The newest $1,000 Lifetime Members are Jehnana L. Balzer, Bill Chollett, Carolyn Crites, Daniel Fregin, Carole Iverson, Joe Leventhal, John Martinez, Matthew Neiger, Peter Norris, Diane Sollee, W. Andrew Stover, Nancy Ungar and Randall Scott Walden. 

States represented are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.