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FFRF welcomes 16 new Life Members

FFRF thanks and welcomes our 16 new Lifetime Members and one new Immortal.

The new $1,000 individual Lifetime Members are: Betsy Bainbridge, Jill Dobis, Zenos Frudakis, Timothy Garb, John Halas, Rahul Malhotra, Gary Mize, Michael Murgolo, Nancy and Jim Rattmann, Craig S. Ross, Gayle Steinmeier, Paul Swanson, Shel M. Waggener, Neil Wassner and Benjamin E. Zuckerman.

States represented are California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Our new Immortal is Dave Kinsey. The Immortal category is a donation designation for those generous members who have contacted FFRF to report they have made provisions for FFRF in their estate planning.