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FFRF welcomes 23 Life Members

FFRF is pleased and proud to announce our 23 newest Lifetime Members, our three new After-Life Members and our new Immortal.

The three new After-Lifers are Norman Wayne Lauritzen, Ruth Ann Lauritzen and Hal F. Mather. An After-Life Membership is a $5,000 membership level for those who want their donation to “live on” after them.

FFRF’s 23 newest Lifetime Members are Elizabeth Bouve, Carlton Cum’arah Khem Bronner, William Cabell, Raymond Dodge, Mynga Futrell, Richard Heldmann, Jamie A. Henson, Robert Hunter, Tim W. Jenkins, Jennifer Johnston, Steve Kahn, Barbara Kwiatek, Robert J. Morgan, Harvey Motulsky, Jerome Rampelt, Karen Roy, Allen Sharples, Karen Sielbeck, Jon Taggett, David Tucker, Chuck Weller, Rose L. White and Joshua Wiens.

States represented are Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Individual Lifetime Memberships are $1,000, designated as membership or membership renewal, and are deductible for income-tax purposes.

The new Immortal is Joe Annino. The Immortals category is a donation designation for those members who have contacted FFRF to report they have made provisions for FFRF in their estate planning.