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FFRF welcomes its 23 new Life, After-Life Members

FFRF is proud to announce and recognize its 19 newest Life Members, four After-Life Members and one Immortal.

The new After-Life Members are Kathryn Allen, Clifford A. Hall, Gordon Lamb and Carsten Smidt. After-Life Membership is a tongue-in-cheek-named donation category of $5,000 for those who want their donation to “live on” after them. 

FFRF’s 19 newest Life Members are Scott Alspach, Jim Ball, Brett Benson, Mario Bourgoin, Nancy Breslow, Tim Cooney, Richard Corbeille, Stephen H. Deutsch, Jack Egger, S. Eurus, Phillip Lloyd Howard, Martha Lentz (gift membership from Jonathan Noll), Jim Loddengaard, Gayle Reber, Tom Reber, Branislav Slantchev, Susan Wernet, Eric White and T. Zdeblick.

Individual Life Memberships are $1,000, designated as membership or membership renewal, and are deductible for income-tax purposes, as are all donations.

States represented are Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

The latest Immortal is Jack Egger (who also became a Life Member this past month and has generously paid for FFRF to put up freethinking billboard messages in the Atlanta area. (See page 6). The Immortals category is a donation designation for those members who have contacted FFRF to report they have made provisions for FFRF in their estate planning.