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‘I’m Secular and I vote’ campaign continues

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has just concluded its timely and vital national “I’m Secular and I vote” ad campaign that began the Fourth of July weekend and ended around Constitution Day, Sept. 17. 

FFRF featured one member per state (or couples, in some cases) in full-page ads in 45 daily newspapers in state capitals and many larger-circulation Sunday dailies. Companion billboards also went up in those cities. 

“The midterm elections will be critical to policies affecting the separation of state and church and individual liberties,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-president. 

Each ad featured the photo of a local FFRF member, most taken in front of their state Capitol building, and a description about them. The ad encourages secular voters to join FFRF. It also links to the results of FFRF’s impressive secular values voter survey. (

The text reads:

“I’m one of more than 75 million secular Americans who are not religious. The ‘Nones’ (those of us unaffiliated with religion) are now 29 percent of the U.S. population. We’re the largest ‘denomination’ by religious identification!

“As a secular voter, I trust in reason, science and America’s secular Constitution.

“I want Congress, my state Legislature, my public officials and our courts to:

• “Keep religion out of government and social policy.

• “Keep religion out of public schools.

• “Keep religion out of bedrooms, personal lives and health care decisions, including when or whether to have children, and whom to love or marry.

• “Use my tax dollars only for evidence-based, not faith-based, purposes.

“If you agree with me, please vote your secular values.” 

FFRF thanks participants and donors to its advertising fund for making possible this timely campaign about secular values voters.