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Crankmail (May 2018)

Let’s check in with how FFRF’s detractors are responding to our work around the country. All letters/emails are printed as received.

Repent: What gives you the right to force your small minority views on this country? I feel nothing but sympathy for anyone that hold your views. God will forgive you, if you just repent. I don’t think you have the courage to respond to this email.
Gary Kruse

LIES: You people are so misguided and your arguments are so weak and filled with lies . I hope that someday you learn the truth and the truth is you are wrong, there is a God, and we are free to worship him in this country! The violation I am reporting is in regard to your disgraceful and completely unfounded premises. You stand against the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.
James Bernthal

FFRF: You do not want me to contact you. You won’t like what I have to say — Lisa Rudisill

Pussies: Why are you such crybaby pussies? Why can’t you stand on your own two feet and ignore things you don’t agree with? Why must you cry like little bitches when you see the ten commandments? Why are you so weak and so frail that you fall into a panic attack at the first sign of religious paraphernalia? Stop crying every time you feel uncomfortable, only pathetically weak people would need to create/join a support group in order to cope with your unfounded and frankly pussy anxiety, then pretend to be strong and actually waste tax payer funds in order to fight your frivolous lawsuits. I have an idea, move to a country that bans religion, see how hapoy and hopeful their people are, like nkorea. Also, how do you survive with our currency having IN GOD WE TRUST on every note and coin? Do you go into a shell when ever you touch our currency? There are a lot of pathetic groups out there, you’re at the top!
Anthony D’Agostino

Study to show yourself truth: Why do you hide in darkness and tell lies ??? If there is any truth to your organization you would Founding Fathers document s and research the truth , which is they intended us to have a religion , Free from government , Not a government free from religion . There are plenty of country’s free from Religion , but this one was founded for our freedom of religion…..
Brenda Portman

Your work is done: Don’t worry dudes, you don’t have to waste your time to make an absolute godless nation.  The 10 Commandments are already out of our lives thanks to the ACLU, homosexuality is running rampant not only in America, bestiality and other weird behaviors are becoming the norm, and almost all Christian organizations are OK with evolution and LGBTs, etc. But what you love the most, there is a drastic reduction of attendance in churches, and many former “Christians” are joining the ranks of evolutionists.  What else could you ask for?  Just be a little bit patient for many more to agreeing with your godless philosophy because it is written “… when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” Luk.18:1-8 KJV — Gustavo Pomar