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Freethought books (May 2023)

Into the Blue
The Phantom God
Preachers vs.Porn
Toward Happier Choices

The following books are by FFRF members on the topics of religion or freethinking. FFRF does not do book reviews. These books are not offered through

Into the Blue

By Joseph W. Stillwell

A detailed first-person account of remarkable experiences, of this world and beyond. This is a collection of personal stories, all true, interwoven in a sequence of increasing strangeness and otherworldly reality. Herein is but one more accounting that should give pause to those who believe that our species is unique unto all that exists.

Paperback $13.99

Kindle $8.99

Preachers vs. Porn

By Mark Kernes

Author Mark Kernes reports the findings of his investigations into how Christianity has evolved into a political force that supports conservative politics that specifically targets sex and sexual depictions to advance its political aims. Readers will find the author’s research and firsthand experience as a former court reporter and legal editor informative and enlightening.

Hardcover $28.99

Paperback $23.99

Kindle $8.99

The Phantom God

By John C. Wathey

Computational biologist and neuroscientist John C. Wathey explores religious feelings not as the direct perception by the brain of some supernatural realm, nor as the pathological misfiring of neurons, but as a natural consequence of how our brains are wired. The author treats mysticism as a completely natural phenomenon that has behavioral and evolutionary roots that can be traced far back into our ancestry.

Hardcover $25.49

Kindle $21.49

Toward Happier Choices

By Michael Oborn

Oborn’s book is an ambitious collection of feminist and humanist narratives hoping to derail millennia of dogma supporting cultural divisiveness and the suppression of women’s human rights. Why are women treated like second-class citizens in fundamentalist religions? Why is leaving the Mormon Church seemingly always a journey of suffered anguish? 

Paperback $10.18