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Join FFRF’s online billboard campaigns

Show off your freethinking with FFRF’s two virtual billboard campaigns.

The “Out of the Closet” campaign allows you to proclaim your freethinking. Create your own message and add your own photo to make a unique virtual billboard. Go to

The “Not Afraid of Burning in Hell” campaign is inspied by Ron Reagan’s irreverent 30-second TV commercial, in which he quips that he is “an unabashed atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.” Go to

It’s fun, it’s easy and takes less than a minute to complete! Once your cyberboard is approved by FFRF, you may post and tweet it. Our app lets you use it as your Facebook or Twitter image or even as your Facebook and Twitter banners.

Both campaigns offer weekly prizes based on staff picks. If your billboard is chosen as a staff “pick of the week,” FFRF will feature your billboard on Facebook and Twitter, and will mail your prize — FFRF’s popular “Out of the Closet Atheist” cap or “Unabashed Atheist – Not Afraid of Burning in Hell” T-shirt!

Tom Cara, president of the Chicago chapter of FFRF, was a recent staff pick for his billboard. He is shown wearing his “Unabashed Atheist” T-shirt prize. And Jerry Vaughan is wearing his new “Out of the Closet Atheist” cap. (It’s not lost on us that’s he’s standing just “out of the closet”!) And Carleton Coleman shows off his new cap.

Here are several of our recent staff picks. You could be next!