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They Said What? (June/July 2022)

When atheists challenge religion, they pick on monotheism. . . . The idea that there must be some single reality underlying the wild diversity of gods hasn’t been challenged by atheists. Why don’t atheists pick on polytheists as well? 

Bruce Lerro, in his article, “Polytheism vs. monotheism: Building bridges between polytheism and atheism.”, 4-25-22

God calls us to pick up the sword and fight, and Christ will reign in the state of Idaho.

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who lost in her bid for governor in a May primary. 

Right Wing Watch, 5-9-22

God is good. He uses people like you and me to change history.

Doug Mastriano, after winning the GOP nomination for governor in Pennsylvania. Mastriano basically said he would use the power of the governor’s office to nullify future election losses by Republicans.

Washington Post, 5-19-22

The Constitution prevents the government from imposing on the church. It doesn’t say anything about religion imposing itself on the state.

Rick Crump, a Christian branding expert and community organizer, speaking at a rally for gubernatorial candidate state Sen. Doug Mastriano.

Washington Post, 5-16-22

The word “religion” in the First Amendment dealt with Christianity, and that’s not an opinion. It would be strange if our institutions didn’t presuppose Christianity.

Pete Begley, a candidate to be a Pennsylvania county GOP chairman.

Washington Post, 5-16-22

We’re gonna do a political rally and we’re gonna honor Jesus. They’re not gonna tell us “separation of church and state.” We are the church! We run this state!

Kandiss Taylor, who lost in her bid to become Georgia’s governor, while standing in front of her campaign bus, which has her “Jesus, Guns, Babies” slogan painted on the side.

Yahoo News, 5-22-22