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Gallery of photos/cartoons from June/July 2018 issue

Vol. 35 No. 5 June/July 2018
On May 3, the National Day of Prayer, a “Pray for America” event was held at the Warren, Mich., Civic Center. There to counteract the event were, from left, Reason Station founder and FFRF Life Member Doug Marshall, FFRF Member Sally Sayes and, hiding her face behind Dan Barker’s book, Maggie Huntone, with FFRF Member Bruce Kopetz kneeling in front. “As you might imagine, we table staffers received several cutting glances from the enraptured supplicants who filled the Civic Center atrium, but civility prevailed overall,” Kopetz wrote. “But only Christian cults were represented. The substantial Islamic presence in Warren didn’t participate, nor was Judaism represented.”