Published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Barker has a Prayer 

Vol. 36 No. 03 April 2019

FFRF member Diane Buckner of Georgia was reading the 2013 fiction book, Prayer, by Philip Kerr, when she came across the name of FFRF Co-President Dan Barker in the text.

From Page 24 of the paperback version:

“Coogan unzipped the bag and handed me a paperback book titled All the Possible Gods.  The author was Philip Osbourne. As soon as I saw it, I laughed.

‘Only an hour or two ago Ruth was giving me hell for reading this book. And several others like it.’

“‘Oh? Such as?’

“‘Dawkins, Hitchens, [fictional] Peter Eckman,’ I shrugged. ‘Sam Harris, Dan Barker, Daniel Dennett. . .’   

Coogan chuckled. ‘That’s virtually the whole pantheon of disbelief you have there.’”