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Caption contest winner announced!

Congratulations to Joe Barcroft of Missouri for winning the September caption contest. Joe wins an FFRF T-shirt.

The winning entry is: . . . and they will know we are Christians by our love.

Runners-up are: Give Jesus your best shot. — Joe Hardesty

Yes, we welcome adherents of America’s two most powerful religions! — Michael Skolochenko

Relocate the “R” in “range” and you have “INDOOR ANGER.” — Darrell Barker

Also, there were numerous entries for “Praise the Lord and pass the

Caption contest


Thanks to all who sent in captions. If you’ve taken any photos that you think would be good for this contest, please email them to

Regarding the caption contest photo, FFRF received this note from Terry Sunday of El Paso:

“A couple of years ago, when I applied for a Concealed Handgun Carry License, I had to take the practical shooting part of the state-mandated test on this very range. If you think the signs on the outside of the building are bad, the inside was worse. There were crosses, religious murals, bible verses, statues and other Christian paraphernalia on the walls, at the checkout counter, all around the store and everywhere I looked. Simply being in such a place gave me the willies. I had to buy an annual pass just so I could use the range one time for the test. I hated to give them a penny, but I had no choice if I wanted my license. Needless to say, I’ve never been back.”