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FFRF chapters provide charitable activism

Each year, FFRF offers each of its chapters a $1,000 grant to be used for direct aid and charitable activism.

Here’s what those chapters did in 2019 with the grant money.

Central Florida Freethought Community

During the Florida Humanist Association’s biennial conference in November, the Central Florida Freethought Community supported the FHA’s service project, which included purchasing supplies for distribution by Second Harvest Food Bank, a secular nonprofit serving central Florida. The event involved conference attendees sorting and packaging items for distribution.

Denver Chapter of FFRF

The Denver Chapter of FFRF purchased items for the Atheists Helping the Homeless organization in Denver. This organization distributes items in Civic Center Park to the homeless on a monthly basis and promotes the understanding that nonbelievers are just as kind and generous as religious organizations.

FFRF East Tennessee

FFRF East Tennessee has helped the homeless in Knoxville by collecting and distributing blankets and coats, providing backpacks and personal hygiene items, and offering some warm meals.

FFRF Kentucky

FFRF Kentucky purchased items for senior citizens living in Section 8 housing at American Village in Louisville in July 2019. The chapter purchased beds for residents who had been sleeping on the floor. It also donated pillows, bed linens, wash rags, towels, plates, silverware, blankets, lamps, shower curtains and hooks and personal toiletries.

FFRF Maine

FFRF Maine helped fund shelves and a utility sink for the Litchfield Food Bank. The rest of the grant money was spent on food for the needy in the Litchfield area.

FFRF Portland Area

The Portland chapter donated 50 sets of towels for use by families at Portland Family Homeless Solutions. As the families move on, Portland Family Homeless Solutions gives them the towels to take with them. The Portland chapter also purchased 15 pots, all in the color palette to reduce trauma, to be used throughout the facility to create a calm, safe, and relaxing place for the families.

Grand Rapids Atheists and Freethinkers

The Grand Rapids Atheists and Freethinkers used the funds (plus some additional donations from its members) to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of the North in Grand Rapids, Coloraine and Deer River. The donation has been used primarily to cover the $10 annual membership fee for more than 100 children, whose families cannot afford that fee.

Greater Sacramento Chapter of FFRF

The Sacramento chapter board voted to help the local Gay and Lesbian Center. This support provided 20 HIV tests with counseling, and five “cultural competency and diversity training for any agency, workplace, or school seeking to create an affirming and compliant environment” events.

Lake Superior Freethinkers

Lake Superior Freethinkers expanded its partnership and support for the WE Health Clinic (formerly the Women’s Health Center) in Duluth, Minn. WE Health Clinic is the only abortion services provider in northern Minnesota. Using matching funds, LSF supports the WE Health Clinic through volunteer work and with LSF members serving on WE Health Clinic’s Board and committees. In October 2019, LSF members volunteer during one of the WE Health Clinic’s annual fundraisers.

Portland Family Homeless Solutions was aided by the Portland Area Chapter of FFRF, including, from left, David Jorling, Cheryl Kolbe and Cathy Whiting, along with Emma Hoyle, director of development for PFHS. David and Cathy are on the chapter board and Cheryl is the chapter president.