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Freethought books

The following books are by FFRF members on the topics of religion or freethinking. FFRF does not do book reviews.

A Freethinker’s Gospel: Essays for a Sacred Secular World

By Chris Highland

Pisgah Press (2018)

Paperback ($16.95)

This book is a collection of columns by Highland, first published in the Asheville Citizen-Times from 2016-17. A former Protestant minister and prison chaplain, Highland is now a secular freethinker who muses on the natural world, on being a nonbeliever in a highly religious society, and the commonalities shared between religions.

These essays offer his reflections on interfaith work, the search for self-discovery, and the commonalities that bind us regardless of social, political, economic or religious backgrounds. His insights about the structure of our natural world and what nature can teach us, and the way our society is structured, addressing humanism, the natural world, and sensitive issues of faith, are enlightening and challenging.

Blasphemy for Thinking People

By James A. Haught

Paperback ($11.61)

Blasphemy isn’t a dirty word. It just means to question supernatural claims of religion. That’s almost a duty for intelligent, educated, science-
minded, modern, honest people. However, religious leaders spent centuries executing or jailing those who voiced doubts.

The bible says any such blasphemer “shall surely be put to death. All the congregation shall stone him.” In Ancient Greece, many of the first scientific thinkers were prosecuted for “impiety.” The Inquisition burned nonconformists. Finally in this 21st century, it is safe to criticize religion in Western democracies (but not in Muslim nations). Everything in this book is blasphemy — challenging supernatural claims. Now, in the liberated West, you can read it without risking your neck.

Reality vs. Religion

By Dick Melen

Paperback ($7.99)

This book is designed for young adults but may also be helpful for adults who are seeking a reality-based alternative to religion. Realityism is a 21st century philosophy based on reason, ethics and science, with the objective of guiding and understanding life.

The purpose of the Philosophy of Realityism is to improve society by offering a reality-based alternative to religion. Realityism is not a threat to religion, it’s an alternative to religion. Realityism acknowledges the need for some people to have religious beliefs. Realityists have no interest in changing their minds, no matter what we may think of their perception of reality.

Reality vs. Religion
Blasphemy for Thinking People
A Freethinker’s Gospel