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FFRF denounces White House Christian ‘takeover’

FFRF has condemned a recent self-proclaimed Christian “takeover” of the White House.

According to several social media posts by Christian musicians and worship leaders, they were invited on Dec. 6 to the White House for a briefing that degenerated into singing, praying and what one attendee claimed was a “#WorshipTakeover,” asserting that the event was “inside the White House right now.” Added another post, “We were invited by this administration to worship inside the White House today.”

Vice President Mike Pence showed up at the event, took some photos and promoted it on social media, writing: “Wonderful stopping by a worship leaders briefing today at the @WhiteHouse! America is a proud Nation of believers and our Administration will always defend the freedom of religion of every American, of every faith!”

Megapreacher and President Trump’s “spiritual counselor” Paula White could be seen sitting in the front row. FFRF has previously condemned the White House’s recent hiring of White because it would blur the line separating state and church.

The event comes on the heels of Pence lying to a group of faith leaders in Michigan. Pence repeated the fib that Trump has destroyed the Johnson Amendment. FFRF has debunked this lie many times. FFRF sued Trump in federal court over his executive order on the Johnson Amendment, and his own Justice Department admitted — twice — to the court that Trump’s order did nothing to alter that rule or its enforcement.