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Mike Pompeo unfit to be U.S. secretary of state

The anointing of Mike Pompeo as U.S. secretary of state will be a disaster for the world.

FFRF has been on to Pompeo for a while. When he was chosen to lead the CIA, FFRF highlighted his darkly dangerous way of thinking based on evangelical Christian notions.

“To worship our lord and celebrate our nation at the same place is not only our right, it is our duty,” the then-Kansas congressman began a speech to a Wichita congregation in 2015 that encapsulated his worldview. He bemoaned the supposed official campaign to “rip faith from our schools.” Pompeo also exposed his Christian fundamentalism in stating, “America had worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism.” Pompeo concluded by describing politics as “a never-ending struggle . . . until the rapture.”

FFRF expressed its deep discomfort with the soon-to-be CIA head.

Pompeo set about proving FFRF right. Soon after assuming control, he cancelled an event in which the parents of hate-crime victim Matthew Shepard were to talk to CIA employees about LGBTQ issues. This wasn’t surprising. “Pompeo, who attends weekly bible studies held in government buildings, referenced God and Christianity repeatedly in his first all-hands speech and in a recent trip report while traveling overseas,” Foreign Policy magazine reported. Agency employees felt pressured to go along with the religiosity, Michael Weinstein, founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (which represents secular folks in the Pentagon and intelligence agencies), told the publication. “Our clients at CIA feel extremely isolated in a way they have not felt before.”

Mike Pompeo was unfit to even run the country’s premier intelligence agency. But now he’ll be in charge of the U.S. diplomatic apparatus and be its face to the rest of the world. His extreme views make him utterly unfit for this tremendous responsibility.