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Crankmail (April 2018)

Here we go with another installment of letters we have received from nonmembers, reprinted as received.

Sad: terminate your existence, because you obviously haven’t a molecule of decency. what’s even sadder is you chose this path? — Michael C. Risinger

Wasting time: I have only one thing to say to you people: Get the fuck over yourselves. There are real problems in the world that require solving. Stop wasting your time. Good gosh. — David Wetmore

I feel sorry for you: I am praying for all of you as your path is not going to end happy. When you leave this earth, you will be sadly disappointed that you have been wrong all along. Why would you want that for yourself? Why would you want that for your friends? Family? Kids? Don’t you deserve better? Why would you be so determined to go against God? Do you realize that HE is the creator of all things? I really truly feel sorry for you. — Kurt Sholly

Information: You’re stupid! — Jason Walker

Freedom: Why does the basic freedom and liberty of not wanting to pay for the consequences of a woman’s free choice and free will to behave and act like a slut and a tramp have to be “religious”?  If a woman wants to let a man defile her for her own pleasure out of wedlock, she can at least pay for contraception out of her own pocket.  Just further proof that these “freedom from religion” and atheist groups are simply anti-Christian socialist groups who are ironically doing the work of internationalist Talmudic Jewry.  There are plenty of sterile men and many who have had vasectomies that you sluts can pick from if you want to act like a $10 whore, don’t ask the rest of America to pay for your birth control pills unless you want to pay the rest of us for our greens fees — Jack Brandt

Atheists: When are you going to sue tow truck companies? Notice the towing piece in back is shaped like a cross. That can be your next project. How can atheists be offended by what they don’t believe in? If you were true atheists, you wouldn’t care. Why not just leave people alone, and live and let live? You would love living in North Korea where it is an atheist government. Christians have the life expectancy of dead men. — Patrick McCarthy

Interpretation: You need to “read” the Constitution, not interpret it. It IS a document that was drafted by the Founding Fathers, in very plain English, so ALL the common people could understand everything contained therein. There is no “separation of church & state” in this document, whatsoever. It states “Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Unless you are suffering from a cranial/rectal impaction, this should be very easy to understand. — Jeff Backus

u’r purpose: You are Bastards bound for hell! Stop what you are doing. — Ray Judkins

Religion in school: I just seen on the Cleveland Ohio news that u are complaining about a local high school near me that says a little prayer before there basketball games the school I am talking about West Branch My question is what are u doing to the schools that are teaching that Muslim garbage in schools across our country? Are there two different standards here or what ? To me Islam is not a religion and those type of people don’t deserve to be amoung us Americans they have there own part of the world and we have ours I will be waiting for your response thank you — Eric Neff

Shit hole arse wipes: By disbanding…I pray daily that all you reprobates wind up in hell where you belong…you are despicable…amen… — Allan Jones

Pray: You should be ashamed of yourself stopping people who want to pray from praying if you don’t want to pray that your choice to but the stop somebody else who wants to pray is just mean hearted don’t you have anything better to do then to bother kid our great country that everybody wants to come to was built on God why are you trying to destroy it — Gary Wagner

Wrong: Hello. This is Steve Johnson. You have misinterpreted the idea of Separation of Church and State.  I say shame on you for that.  The thing is this, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is an Anti-American organization.  It should be ashamed of itself.   I mean it, the Freedom From Religion Foundation consists of a bunch of pathetic, good for nothing dweebs who obviously don’t really give a care about the U.S. Constitution at all.  As such, the Freedom From Religion Foundation needs to get the heck out of the United States of America and never, ever come back.   The Freedom From Religion Foundation has absolutely no right whatsoever to be in the U.S of A. — Steve Johnson

Go away!: I saw your representative Dan on Ingram Angle. He is rude, disgraceful, arrogant and lacks the ability to present a cogent argument. I want nothing to do with your organization. —  Revonda Colbert

Nazis: Just wanted to let you know that you are anti fredumb if you boycott thinking of any type. God bless you and have a great day …..nazi thinkers. You are what make people depressed. — Jason Brusie