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Crankmail (October 2019)

Welcome to another edition of Crankmail, where you can feel better about yourself by knowing you aren’t one of these letter-writers. Printed as received.
Stupid atheists: The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who perish.: God is much smarter than dumb atheists, they wish to remain unwise, God lets them be unwise, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. their choice. — John Carboni

You are dumb: When alleged intellects like yourselves claim Bible contradiction, its because you choose to make the scriptures match your preconceived idea of what you decide is right and what seems true. But in the end, your just full tripe — Richard Hava

Illegal: All of your “Legal Successes” are a violation of the Constitution. That is to say that they are illegal acts. — Steve Johnson

FFR: Why you are u American You could keep your evil thoughts to yourself — John Bowker

Stay out of George county: Leave our county alone. We live in the bible belt. Just because ysll dont believe dont mean you can go to other states and schools and tell them to remove their stuff. Shove it. We are proud of our beliefs here. — Nicole Lyn

Prince of peace: Jesus was practical..his presence did not bring peace if you are children of the devil…..your demons will get angry that live in your bodies..when he shows up.

..jesus was and is the enemy of satan..eventhough he is the prince of peace his presence stirs up anger in Satan’s children…that is why he says i did not come to bring peace…family members coming against each other is very common…because..when one family member believes in JESUS the whole family rise up against him…so familt fued starts..that is what jesus ment Sorry for calling atheists dumb asses….but i get upset…that they are running towards hell..rejoicing…and cheering… — Cia Ghavami

A world without God: Someday soon the whole world will finally get it’s wish and God will be gone from this world and all of his influence and even the conscience to do right will go with him, and for seven long, dark years, years in which men  will want to die but can’t. All of humanity will finally get to experience what they have always wanted to, a world without any God. Good luck because I sure as heck don’t plan to be here. — Vincent Kyle

Fakers: Your atheist society give money to addicts. You fund alcoholics, drug addicts. You allow them to be afflicted as you condemn them by saying it is their choice. Cultures have their own way of telling the truth. You lie about your size of sexual organ. What fools you are to claim this has any bearing on truth. You believe in love. You never tell ppl you love of the contradictions you experience in love. This is why you DIVORCE your spouses and God. God does not divorce you. He keeps his promise. God defined love. Your idea of love is based on your biased understanding and desire of how it should be. Love is kind. Then help the poor. Do it. You contradict your belief in love. You are fake. — Graham Jeacocke

Jesus is love: Peace with man is not possible till he is reigning as king !!! Yes I came not for peace between men but between god n man so that there might be goodwill to all you fools!man is a liar only god is the what if you find minor discrepancies which more than half can easily be explained .but how do explain your unbelief by biblical contradictions because creation itself proves the creator according to romans 1. The love of the truth is what it’s about !  This is not edification it’s questionable theoligal demonic disturbing babble !!!! The paul witnesses is easy explained bro!!! Really !!! Because it’s discretiting Jesus by discrediting the Bible’s authoritative essence!!! Hanging on nothing ? Alfull lot of lie??? The tomb stone was rolled away ..the first time they had not gotten to the door but at the site of the place where the area was , then when they got to the rolled away door , they freeked  out at what they saw!!!! Psh!!!!!! Amature — Michael Olivero

America: Just so you ignorant stupid people know, a Facebook post inviting people to pray for the schools in a gym has absolutely nothing to do with the separation of church and state. Shut your stupid whiney libtard mouths and go stick your head in the sand. I have tried on numerous occasions to see things from your point of view but I just can’t get my head that far up my ass — Brent Young

Fyffe alabama: If the people of Fyffe Alabama want to have back to school prayer it is none of your business. You people are not welcome down here, if you don’t like it then don’t attend. But quite frankly you can all piss off. There is no law of separation of church and state. — Luke Laweon

SD – In GOD We Trust: Why do you suddenly care about South Dakota? The phrase “In God We Trust” can have a unlimited meaning. It could mean the Christian God, it could be the Catholic God, it could be the Muslim God, it could be any God you want….I personally am Christian and thats my meaning. If you automatically get offended because that’s what you think of, that is your problem, not mine. Think, believe what you want, it is non of my business. I am not imposing my beliefs on you, why do you feel you can impose yours on me? If I am correct in my beliefs, you and I will be judged by my God for our decisions. If I am wrong, neither of us will know the difference. God bless. — Nate Moser

Beliefs: You shouldn’t have any religion rights. You’ve admitted that Satan is fictional. Therefore your religious beliefs are fictional. If I made a he-man is the master of the universe religion, then admit it’s a joke, I should lose all religious rights. Religion is about belief not comedy. How are you not being crushed in court. — Bobby Thompson

The devil confuses: This two are instruments of satan and don’t even know it.  All religions are invented by the devil to confuses human kind.  We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against demonic principality and weakness in the air.  Jesus was the only one to exposed all demonic principality in his way to the cross and even defeated them in the cross and even defeated dead by rising on the third day.  Colossians 2:15. — Homar Carrion

Sick: I really think your organization should be sued for just being. Not once but as may times as it takes until you run out of money. You’re disgusting people. — Bill Pullman