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We asked and you responded

On FFRF’s national television show “Freethought Matters” that aired Sept. 1, U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman pointed out that requiring witnesses to recite “so help me God” during oaths unnecessarily entangles government with religion.

The Religious Right jumped on this interview to mobilize its base and vilify Huffman. The Washington Examiner and Fox News used FFRF’s interview with Huffman as an opportunity to attack him for his support of secular government.

So FFRF asked you — our members — to take a few moments to thank Huffman for standing up for our community and for all Americans who support the separation of church and state.

Well, you responded in force, with more than 500 letters received by Huffman’s office from FFRF members. Thank you!

Here is a small sample of those letters.

“Thank you so much for bringing an intelligent, rational view of religion to your office. We need more people like you. This type of thing should not be a matter of bravery, but in our society and culture, it is a brave thing to do.

“As an atheist, I have wondered many times how I would respond if asked to repeat “so help me God” in a courtroom. I should not be put in that position by my government, and I should not be subjected to anger if I do not want to pledge allegiance to God. I love my country. We can leave the invisible beings out of it.”


“I admire your reasoned and unemotional approach to a much-needed separation of church and state, especially so in Congress. Thank you also for co-founding the Congressional Freethought Caucus and for being so effective at a time when it is needed most.

I have been yearning to hear a member of Congress say what you do the way that you do. Maybe there is some hope!”


“I understand the challenges that one experiences in our current society in taking a stand for secularism. When I first read about the Freethought Caucus, I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, our country will start to turn away from the rampant Christian Nationalism that threatens the very foundations of our government.”


“Thank you for speaking out about the threat of Christian nationalism to our nation. I’m relieved to know that there are some members of Congress who understand that we need to base policy on facts and science, not the beliefs of a single religious group. I’m truly frightened that our secretary of state believes in the rapture, and is in a position to steer our foreign policy based on that belief. I hope that your courage in speaking out publicly and organizing the Freethought Caucus encourages other members of Congress to stand up to the Religious Right.”