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In memoriam: Robert Bader

Robert Bader died June 27 at the age of 95. He was born Dec. 16, 1923.

His daughter Stephanie said he didn’t want an obituary published in the local newspaper, but thought “he would be fine with being remembered in one of his favorite magazines [Freethought Today].”

Here is what Stephanie had to say about her dad:

“Father, husband and decent, principled human being, Bob was a self-proclaimed “devout atheist” and secular humanist. A sharp mind with a wonderful sense of humor, he was respected for his values and his intellect, and fondly remembered by all he touched. He learned hard lessons about humanity early in life, driving a landing craft onto Normandy Beach, and went on become a man of conscience and kindness.

“He was preceded in death by his wife Helen and his daughter Amanda. He is survived by his daughter Stephanie, daughter-in-law Cathy Hemler, and son-in-law Philippe Steinmann. We will all miss seeing him cruising by in his convertible, with his ponytail and his beard streaming in the wind.”

Robert Bader fills out an election form.