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Meet a Staffer: She sells for FFRF and doesn’t buy religion

Name: Astoria L. Goldsby

Where and when I was born: Madison, Wis., in 1983.

Education: Associate’s degree in liberal arts.

Family: My mom and three younger brothers. Currently living with my partner, a local glass blower. We have a dog, fish and rats.

How I came to work at FFRF: Through a Craigslist ad!

What I do here: I manage all things related to the products we sell.

What I like best about it: The people here are inspirational.

Astoria Goldsby
(Photo by Chris Line)

What gets old about it: It is impossible to plan ahead for the day.

I spend a lot of time thinking about: When will the world make sense? LOL.

I spend little if any time thinking about: My decision to leave the church.

My religious upbringing was: AME (African Methodist Episcopal).

My doubts about religion started: In history class around the third or fourth grade. I remember coming home after learning about how religion tied into slavery. I had also learned that my beloved actor John Travolta was a Scientologist. I had to clarify this fact with my mom, who told me that there are Scientology books that people follow as truth and a way to live their lives. That was a shocking moment. I remember my response being: “So, I can write a book that convinces people I am a god or know of a god so that they give me all their money?!” and my mom said, “Yup, I have faith you could write a better book!” I wasn’t able to leave the church until sometime later and still haven’t written my book yet!

Things I like: Animals, shopping, and wine with friends and family.

Things I smite: Explaining why something stupid like child detention centers shouldn’t exist.

In my golden years: I hope to travel.